Chinese Snake and Rabbit Compatibility

Snake with Rabbit Compatibility

Chinese Snake and Rabbit make great friends. They can also make a successful love relationship. They begin with a lot of passion. Snake loves the attention and really loves the Rabbit's shyness. Rabbit can be drawn out by the sensuousness of Snake. Rabbit teaches Snake about the joys of cuddling.

Their biggest issue is overcoming their insecurities. Both signs are well known for feeling insecure about their relationships. Snake may become jealous. Money is another issue. Both enjoy buying beautiful things, but Rabbit will worry about money incessantly. If they can overcome these issues, they can have a happy relationship.

In business, these two work great together. Snake becomes the public persona, while Rabbit works in the background keeping everything comfortable and running smoothly.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Rabbit woman, they appear to be a match made in heaven. Both are charming and sociable, but very moody. He can be irresponsible and she needs to take charge of the situation. He may tend to have a wandering eye, which can really undermine her self-esteem.

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Snake woman, her extravagance may cause friction. He needs to keep a tight hold of their financial situation. She appears irresponsible to him but usually gets her way. They will enjoy great conversation and have a great time together until their tempers clash. If they cannot overcome their differences, all is lost.

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