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The Aquarius Sun Sign personality is brilliant, free-spirited and eccentric. If they don't act like any Sign you can recognize, they are probably an Aquarius Sun Sign. Intellectual, they are gifted with an analytical mind. Many geniuses are born under this Sign.

They are ahead of their time, so others may think they're a bit strange. They may have a difficult time staying in the present since they would rather focus on the future.

They need to have freedom and have time to be an individual, even when in a relationship. The best marriage partner is a friend first, so if you fall for an Aquarius Sun Sign, give them plenty of time. They don't like to be smothered, they need their space. While they are physically in the moment, their brain may be elsewhere, maybe contemplating what everything means that is happening, rather than enjoying the emotions of the moment. Because of this, they may come across as impersonal or detached.

They keep to themselves and don't speak about their problems very easily. Once someone is let into the inner circle, however, they will do anything for them. They are faithful and loyal when they make a close friend or embrace a love. They may even end up being disappointed emotionally because they tend to expect more out of others than may be reasonable.

Aquarius Sun Sign people are social, charming and friendly. Their outgoing personality makes them popular. They want to solve the problems of the world or make life better for mankind. Their main problem is they tend to live in a world of ideas and concepts rather than reality. This detached, unemotional way of looking at life can make communication with them a bit difficult at times. They need to learn how to connect with others emotionally.

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When stressed, they feel claustrophobic. It may be hard for them to explain to their spouse or friends why they need time alone. Spouses can become upset or confused because they will clam up, tune out and not explain what is bothering them. Sometimes, they need time away from family but will spend it with friends. This can be very difficult to explain to the family, and usually they don’t even try. They need mental variety, though they will usually remain faithful on other levels.

Those born with an Aquarius Sun Sign are charismatic, and usually the leader of any group they are in. They are smart, independent and original. They also have a bit of a rebellious streak that makes them appealing to others. They appear to find friendship more important than love. While this isn't true, it is still hard to see the truth from the outside. This can be frustrating to potential partners. They need to be prepared to throw out the rulebook. Living with an Aquarius Sun Sign can be challenging, exasperating and exciting. There are two sides to the Aquarius Sun Sign personality: outgoing, eccentric and exuberant; and shy, patient and quiet. Their real depth of character may remain hidden.

Professionally, they make great inventors, innovators or designers. If artistic, their expression pushes the envelope of convention. They like technology, and may get into computer graphics, video game design or other forms of programming. They make excellent writers, broadcasters, journalists, teachers and social workers and a few excel as therapists or holistic healers.

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