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Capricorn Saturn Sign

Saturn in Capricorn is ambitious and hungry for power. They are focused on their career. A great organizer and planner, they easily assume responsibility and can be relied upon to take care of business. They may find it difficult to delegate, so may end up doing all the work themselves. It is hard for them to believe that others can produce results that are up to their tough standards. They are very comfortable in a business or government job.

Capricorn Saturn prefers an environment that is unemotional, impersonal and structured. They rise through the ranks at work at a steady, if slow, pace. They are self-disciplined and hard working. They fear not being recognized for their efforts. They like rules.

Capricorn Saturn is always working, mostly for the benefit of others. If they really examine why they are so dedicated to the job above all else, they may find that they are afraid that if they don't they won't be able to control their environment. They feel a strong need to control their surroundings before it controls them. They seldom take the time to relax and enjoy themselves or their family.

Saturn in Capricorn is very cautious and detail-oriented. They can be very charming or persistent when they want something. They are gifted with persuasion, and may make an effective speaker. They are fair and impartial. They have great foresight, and are gifted with practical matters. Some will be concerned with developing prestige. They have a strong sense of duty, but don't always find joy in accomplishing their task. They may find fulfillment in service to others.

Capricorn Saturn's challenge is to learn to deal effectively with authority, status and power. They need financial security and self-sufficiency to give them a solid base for them to succeed.

Physically, Saturn in Capricorn may have difficulties with the skeleton, knees and skin. They are blessed with endurance if they avoid excess.

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