Chinese Sheep and Pig Compatibility

Sheep with Pig Compatibility

Chinese Sheep and Pig are both very sensually oriented. They will spend a lot of time cuddling and being together. As time goes on, they will both discover they have much more to offer each other. Pig won't mind being the strong member of the couple. They are happy to support Sheep when it is needed. Sheep will do all they can to help Pig be comfortable and cared for. While both partners are emotional, they do a great job together balancing everything out.

In business, these two will create a creative and solid company. Sheep's creativity will shine while Pig will take care of finances and other everyday tasks. They will complement each other well.

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Sheep woman, this will normally be a long lasting happy relationship. They are both sensitive and imaginative. They will easily share their dreams and hopes. They will have a tender, loving relationship. He will never take her for granted and she will give him all he could dream of.

When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and a Pig woman, they will be quite happy. Any differences will be small. No matter what the cause for tension or upset, he will take the blame. Her good temper will help resolve any issues. While both may be inclined to feel down, eventually the sun comes out again and they regain their happiness. This is a very happy relationship in many areas and they will easily forgive one another.

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