Chinese Horse and Horse Compatibility

Horse with Horse Compatibility

Chinese Horse and Horse are drawn to each other very strongly. They both love adventure and are charmed by the others' good looks. They both enjoy a relationship with some freedom. Neither one has a problem if one needs some space. They understand. The moodiness Horses are known for may get in the way occasionally. One may feel overshadowed at times if they feel the other gets more indulgences. If they feel bored or trapped, either one may feel like running away. If they can overcome these obstacles, they may have a joyful relationship.

In business, both must find a niche that holds their interest. Horses are notorious for losing interest in a project before it is done. If they make it work, their business will be dynamic and exciting. They may end up selling out before the real returns come in, however.

Two Horses together should focus on travel and adventure. This may help keep them interested in each other. They can build a good relationship as long as they keep the excitement alive. They both understand each others' need for space. Both partners are prone to temper tantrums and moodiness. They both want the spotlight, and each will have to deal with their jealousy when the other is getting all the attention.

This is a very stimulating partnership as long as both partners are willing to work at it constantly. They need to keep things exciting and new to maintain their long term interest. Horses are known for leaving inexplicably if they feel trapped or bored, so this is the most important aspect to keep them together

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