Chinese Pig and Rooster Compatibility

Pig with Rooster Compatibility

Chinese Pig and Rooster make excellent friends. They must both put out some effort to succeed at an intimate relationship. The simple answer is that they both expect different things in life. Pig wants comfortable surroundings and luxury. Rooster likes everything in its place and no mess. Both partners are very loyal and are eager to have an open communication. Pig doesn't like confrontations and will do almost anything to keep Rooster happy. This helps soothe Rooster's nervous energy and keeps them from being a nag. Pig knows instinctively how to get Rooster to relax. They can help Rooster learn how to enjoy life. Rooster can help Pig learn that they can find comfort in simple things.

In business, they can go with their strengths. Rooster is great when they're in charge. They are good at finances and other detail work. Pig is a hard worker and will do what they are told. They are also charming and can help soothe upset customers.

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Rooster woman, they may at first be drawn to each other by who they think the other person is. Soon they will each find out they underestimated their partner. He is far more tenacious than she thought and she tends to be more aggressive towards him rather than the outside world. His loyalty will help soothe her jealousy and give her security. Their financial talents will give them both security.

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Pig woman, she will do all she can to support her man. He appreciates this greatly. Her femininity may prevent him from being too domineering. He may be jealous, but she will silently address the issue.

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