Chinese Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility

Tiger with Rabbit Compatibility

Chinese Tiger and Rabbit usually get on well together, though they may have clashes and disagreements. Tiger is outgoing and wants their freedom, which may leave shy Rabbit feeling neglected. Rabbit usually lets Tiger be the dominant partner, which is initially pleasing to Tiger. This may wear thin, however over time. They may tend to compete against each other... this can prevent them from being happy. When they stop competing they will be content.

If they can overcome their differences, both will develop a respect for each other. Tiger's ability to take control and Rabbit's ability to remain modest simply amazes the other. If they cannot overcome their issues, the relationship becomes unbalanced, and soon no one will be happy. As friends, they balance each others' differences. Rabbit can keep Tiger's ego in check while Tiger can rush to Rabbit's aid when they are taken advantage of. The Rabbit makes a great partner because they almost always put the other person first. Their greatest happiness is making their partner happy.

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Tiger woman, they initially see in the other what they lack. She will be outgoing, impulsive and strong willed, while he is courteous, soft spoken and prefers to stay at home. This can lead to conflict.

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Rabbit woman, he appreciates someone sweet to come home to, while she enjoys his glamour. When courting, she appreciates the romance and poetry of the budding relationship. If Tiger is in love, it serves him well to take it slow and gentle. In return, Rabbit will do all she can to remain enticing and interesting. Tiger can set Rabbit on a pedestal, which she adores. This will help her loosen up.

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