Chinese Dragon Sign

Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Those born in the year of the Chinese Dragon are powerful and lucky. This intelligent, giving person is also one of the most tenacious you will ever meet. They know what they want and how to get it. They have a natural charm and charisma that they use to influence those around them. They are often the center of attention.

Dragons can have a pretty big ego, yet they are also good at motivating others. They want to lead. They are good at accumulating wealth. They are opportunistic and always looking for a way to consolidate their power. Full of vitality, they truly love life and live it to its fullest. Wherever they go, their faithful followers are never far behind. They may be eccentric and demanding.

The Chinese Dragon has the potential to achieve great things as long as they don't get too far ahead of themselves. Whether their deeds are bad or good, they are always noticed. Don't bother trying to win an argument with a Dragon… you will always lose. They are very loyal to friends and family, however. They don't keep secrets very well, and they love to say "I told you so." They need to learn to plan before they leap. They need a purpose in their life or a cause to fight for. Without these things to aim for, they never get beyond dreaming of what might be. They can be stubborn and irritable. They don't like to follow orders, they prefer to give them.

Chinese Dragons are hard working and healthy. They may get stressed and develop headaches due to too much risky behavior. They benefit from an active lifestyle to work both their minds and bodies.

Dragons don't like to be under anyone else in authority. They may be good at inventing, analyzing, law, engineering, sales or other stimulating position. Whatever they decide to do, they can excel.

Individuals born in the year of the Chinese Dragon are lucky in love. They strive to keep their independence, and they have tempers their partners need to deal with. Once they find the right person, they mate for life. They may be difficult to live with at times and may be rather tactless to the point of hurting their partner.

Dragons are most compatible with Monkeys and Rats. They are least compatible with Oxen and Goats.

Different years are assigned different elements, which can affect each sign. The five elements are metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Metal Dragons (1940, 2000, 2060) are strong and determined. They don't hesitate to fight for what they believe in. They enjoy being around those who challenge what they believe. They are natural born leaders who attract followers like moths to a flame.

Water Dragons (1952, 2012, 2072) are more calming. They have the ability to see things from others' points of view. They don't need to always be the one who is right.

Wood Dragons (1904, 1964, 2084) are willing to listen to the opinions of others than themselves. They are artistic and creative. They get along very well with other people, though they will always take a leadership role.

Fire Dragons (1916, 1976, 2096) are volatile. Their emotions can rise in an instant. They are rather fond of putting themselves on a pedestal, and may be prone to making bad decisions due to their impulsive recklessness.

Earth Dragons (1928, 1988, 2108) are grounded. They make decent decisions and act rationally. They are able to control their behavior.

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