Chinese Ox and Rooster Compatibility

Ox with Rooster Compatibility

Chinese Ox and Rooster are highly compatible. Both appreciate a stable home life and they are both loyal. Rooster tends to idealize their partners, so they benefit a lot by Ox's honest nature. They will keep their home and finances in order and feel all the better for it.

Rooster tends to like socializing more than Ox, but Ox is fine with letting Rooster go out with friends as long as some nights are spent home. They can become overly critical of each other. They are both practical and conservative. In business, they make a strong partnership. Ox is the backbone and Rooster can use their resourcefulness to keep things moving.

Both partners keep each other happy in every aspect of their lives. They are not jealous or possessive because they trust each other implicitly.

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and an Ox woman, she wants to control the house and he is all for it. They love spending time together at home, enjoying their comfort.

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Rooster woman, they are equally as happy. Their life is calm and serene. His authority will never waver and she is quite happy for it to remain so.

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