Chinese Ox and Rat Compatibility

Chinese Ox and Rat Compatibility

When Chinese Ox and Rat get together, it seems an unlikely pair. In actuality they can be very happy together. The Ox offers stability, while the Rat offers activity and ambition. They are both extremely loyal. They do well together financially. The Ox will keep the Rat from overspending on unnecessary things.

The Ox will keep the Rat grounded in reality while the Rat has the ability to draw the shy Ox out of hiding. They both love family and will do anything for their loved ones. They both thrive when they feel secure. The Ox may get frustrated by the Rat's nervous energy and risky adventures, or the Rat may eventually become bored with the Ox's monotonous routine. If both partners take care, this won't happen.

If they go into business together they are an excellent combination. The Ox provides the honorable stability to the venture while the Rat's shrewdness and charm helps them get ahead.

In their intimate relationship, both are very sensual. They are a good match and love to lavish attention on each other. They are not often jealous.

When the pairing is between an Ox man and a Rat woman, the relationship will be very traditional. What he says goes. She is more than willing to do anything for him. They can form a strong friendship beneath their intimacy.

When the pairing is between an Ox woman and a Rat man, her strong sense of right and wrong will keep him on the straight and narrow. She will ally his worries and he will bring flexibility, refinement and open-mindedness to the partnership.

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