Birth Chart T- Shirts

This is a very unique gift idea that's fairly simple to create. To put your customized birth chart on clothing, mugs, cards etc. just follow the directions below.

Birth Chart T-Shirts


A) Go to Birth Chart Calculator and enter the birth data of the person the gift is for.

B) Once you have drawn up the chart place your mouse pointer in the center; right click mouse and save image.

C) Once you have your birth chart image saved on your computer you will need to enlarge it (best results = 4x the size). For the above images I used windows paint and stretched it to 400%.This created an image of 1760 x 1760 pixels
If you wish to purchase either the mug or stein there is no need to resize the birth chart image.

D) Once your birth chart image is ready simply choose an item from below. When the order form comes up (give it time to fully load) you will need to either clear or change the current image and upload your own birth chart image. You can then change the style, color or size to suit your product needs.

It's that easy!

Birth Chart Ladies
Ladie's birth chart 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
Birth Chart American
Men's American apparel birth chart-t-shirt

Birth Chart Sweat-shirt
Birth Chart Sweatshirt
Birth Chart T-Shirts - Basic
Basic Birth Chart t-shirt
Birth Chart Stein

Birth Chart Stein
Birth Chart Mug

Birth Chart Mug

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