Chinese Snake and Snake Compatibility

Snake with Snake Compatibility

Chinese Snake and Snake are attracted to each others' charms. They are very physical and intellectual. They enjoy the sensual pleasure of lying in bed together all day enjoying each other's company. They live simply yet comfortably. Their main issue comes from their natural tendency to be jealous and possessive. When two of them are paired together, they are usually so in love with each other that this problem never appears. They will have a wonderful relationship whether they are friends or lovers.

In business, they are a marvelous team. Snakes are gifted with money and they have a natural intuition for business. They are somewhat conservative and don't take unnecessary risks. They are able to charm customers and present well at meetings. They may feel a bit competitive.

When two Snakes are together, life will be dramatic. Each knows how to please and antagonize the other. At least it won't be boring. They love anything beautiful or artistic. They spend a lot of time making a lovely home. They are naturally charming, so friends flock to them at all hours. They are very sympathetic to those less fortunate.

Finances may be an issue if they don't learn to manage money. Jealousy can be their undoing. While usually they are devoted to each other, occasionally one may be tempted and everything will be ruined.

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