Libra Gift Ideas

Libra gift box

The Libra in your life loves to get gifts, in fact, the more gifts the better. Don't wrap them together though... each one should be wrapped individually so Libra can enjoy the heady experience and stay focused on you, the gift giver. Wrap the gifts elegantly and they will be appreciated all the more. The actual act of opening the gifts is part of the attraction for Libra.

When choosing a gift for Libra, don't forget their personality. They tend to love beauty and comfort. They spend their lives seeking peace and harmony. They want to find the perfect balance in life so they can beat the stress of everyday life. Their element is air, so remember they are creatures of intellect and imagination. They have a bit of mystery to them. Think of them as the embodiment of the opal, one of the stones of Libra. It is full of layers of color that sparkle or hide depending on which side of them you see.

When choosing a Libra gift, don't think of plain, stark lines. Choose gifts with interesting curves and textures to give them beauty and interest. Libra is not the one to live in an ultramodern home filled with stainless steel and glass. Natural materials appeal more to this elegant person.

If you still can't think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Libra will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Libra.

Something to decorate their home is always a good choice for Libra. Choose a pair of elegant candlesticks or matching picture frames. They seek balance in everything, so making sure you choose something that goes well as a pair is gratefully accepted. Knickknacks, art, and anything that helps create a peaceful home will be appreciated. Libra loves fine foods. A night out at an exclusive restaurant would make them the star of the evening. Gourmet goodies to enjoy at home are also a fine treat. Find out if they love gourmet coffees, or perhaps wine is one of their passions. There are many ways to fill their larder with delicious treats.

Music is food to the Libran soul. You can't go wrong with a collection of their favorite tunes. Concert tickets (get two, because they don't like to go alone) are also a wonderful gift.

Libra will often place themselves last when it comes to caring. They spend a good portion of their time focused on others. Give Libra some special time where they are the focal point. Spend the day doing things that they enjoy, or give them a day to be pampered with a massage. They will appreciate being put first and will feel rejuvenated by the end.

Libra loves to socialize, but they appreciate a quiet, intimate time too. Cook your Libra a special dinner with candlelight and flowers. Spend time with them. Give them something that reminds them of you whenever they look at it. This may be as simple as a plush toy that goes along with a treasured nickname.

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