Chinese Sheep and Rooster Compatibility

Sheep with Rooster Compatibility

Chinese Sheep and Rooster will both try really hard to make this relationship work out. Both of them may be moody and tantrums are not something new to this couple. Rooster likes order in their home. They love deeply but are not very affectionate. Sheep needs affection. They feel neglected if they don't get it. In order to make this work Rooster will often become flexible enough for Sheep's creativity to shine.

These two do well together in business. Their differences tend to complement each other when emotions are not so tied up in the end result. Rooster is great with finances while Sheep is very creative.

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Sheep woman, they are infatuated with each other. He loves her sweetness and femininity and she admires his dependability, intelligence and industry. Eventually he will become irritated with her unpredictability. His impatience will make her a nervous wreck. She loves to spend, which drives him insane. She wishes he would be more affectionate and communicative.

When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and a Rooster woman, she will be worried about her financial security. His irresponsibility worries her even more. They will fight over finances a lot. She will get jealous when he becomes popular in their social circle while she feels clumsy. He is very emotional and will find her rather cold. Her impatience with his moods will distress him further.

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