Chinese Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility

Rabbit with Rabbit Compatibility

Chinese Rabbit and Rabbit can be great friends or lovers. They will have a lovely life together based on compassion and love. They both love to stay at home or entertaining at home in a quiet manner. On the other hand, neither one may have a practical bone in their body. Rabbits tend to idealize relationships and not see the real picture. They tend to worry a lot, and once the blush is off the relationship they will tend to need support from those around them to stay positive. If they find the support they need, the relationship will be a sweet one.

In business, they will have a lovely shop or office, if it is a bit cluttered. They are creative, but they need someone practical to mind the details. Finances are not their forte.

Rabbits will be very happy together as long as they do not want for financial security. If they have a large family and little money, they will worry their lives away. Their common interests are enough to fill a lifetime. They both will enjoy entertaining their friends. One issue they must face is that each is exceptional at finding fault with their mates. Both are perfectionists and have a difficult time overlooking defects in others. If they can overcome this, they will have a happy life together.

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