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Virgo Midheaven Sign

Virgo Midheaven knows how to analyze the world as well as themselves down to every little detail. They have a naturally critical attitude. When they are balanced, they are supportive in their critiques. When they are not, it comes across as manipulative or petty.

Those born with a Midheaven in Virgo have the courage to honestly look deep into themselves and use what they learn as a guide. Language is a healing tool to them. They use it in all their daily activities. Their good handle on language can direct them toward a career in science or the literary arts. Teaching may also be appealing to them, as may training or research of some kind. They make excellent librarians, medical personnel and may also be drawn to farming or alternative medicine depending on other signs coming into play in their chart. Whatever they choose, they take their commitments seriously. Virgo Midheaven tends to play it safe when choosing a career. They may feel something is missing in their job, that they are unable to fulfill their potential. While this may be due to attitude in part, sometimes they really do need to seek inner guidance on how they can best fulfill their potential and still make a living. They have the ability to see the big picture, and strive for the better.

Individuals with a Midheaven In Virgo aren't subtle; they would rather tell you directly the crux of the matter. They learn easily and question anything that doesn't feel right. Stability is important in their career. They want to know what is going to happen every day, every year. This prevents them from falling prey to stress, which can really cause them damage. Mental pursuits are enjoyable and relaxing for them. Chess or other mental game may be a good way for them to get away from the stress at work.

The Virgo Midheaven is inherently neat, though they can live in a chaotic environment and still get what they need to be happy. It is not unusual to see them trying to create order. They get the concept of simplifying. They don't need a lot of money to live well. They do well with puzzling situations because they can put all the pieces together and come up with a solution.

Virgo Midheaven's weakness lies in over-analyzing. If they do this, they tend to get stuck, which looks like indecision. They have a tendency to hang on to things, both physical and mental, long after they should have released them. It may be difficult to establish their own authority, but once they do, they will probably strive to make the world better. Meditation may be helpful to quiet their minds and connect with their inner guidance.

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