Neptune Signs
Neptune in the Birth Chart

What are Neptune Signs?

A bridge to all things mysterious, Neptune Signs slowly guide each generation to its destiny.

Your Neptune SignÂ’s influence reaches further than the ordinary senses, so there may be aspects of extrasensory perception at work. Illusion, fantasy and dreams are the playing field here, and the spirit is the primary force.

Named for the Roman God of the Sea, Neptune's watery depths are associated with dreams, visions, and the imagination.

Neptune Signs

Is it reality or is it an illusion? With Neptune, it is hard to tell. Those with a prominent Neptune may be drawn towards mysticism and spiritual pursuits. Ruler of Pisces, this is especially true if these two are paired in your chart. Your Neptune Sign also holds influence over many forms of entertainmentÂ… it usually puts on an illusion, after all.

On the negative side, Neptune may drag its followers into the depths of drugs, alcohol, delusion, hypochondria and abnormality. It may resort to trickery, deceit, deception, and guilt.

Planet Neptune

On the positive side, Neptune is compassionate, and the planet of divine Love, as opposed to Venus' personal love. Words that may be used to describe Neptune would be delusion, illusion, dreamy, psychic, sensitivity, bondage, obligation, fog. If there is no sacrifice, there is no joy. Neptune makes the sacrifice joy itself, as the love knows no restrictions or boundaries. Neptune works subtly, and suddenly you find yourself enveloped in the mystery.

Known as a generational planet, it takes 14 years for Neptune to move from one Sign to the next. It is interesting to look back and see the effects on a generation that Neptune created. An example would be the 1960s, when Neptune was in Scorpio. The '60s saw lots of drug experimentation, trance-like music, and more interest in the occult.

Find your Neptune Sign

To find what Sign Neptune was in at your birth use our free online Birth Chart Calculator

Neptune symbol glyph
Look for this glyph (symbol) on your birth chart and note the Zodiac Sign it's in. Once you've done this come back and read the interpretation below.

Interpreting the Neptune Signs

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