Pluto in Gemini -
The Gemini Pluto Sign

Pluto in Gemini

1882-1914 and returns in 2132

Pluto in Gemini meets their needs through their versatility. They interact well with others on an intellectual level. They jump on new ideas and are able to make them a part of their vast body of knowledge so they can use it to their advantage later. They are very curious.

Gemini Pluto values their relationships as long as they are stimulated to take their ideas even further. They want to learn as much as possible so they can always be in the lead. They have a knack for solving complex issues with simple solutions. Their main problem is consolidating their knowledge. Their curiosity makes it difficult to do this.

Gemini Pluto brings new ideas to the forefront, overturning what was once accepted as fact. They will advance new methods of communication and knowledge. They can help grass roots campaigns network and make progress towards their goals.

Pluto in Gemini is interested in the secrets of life and death and other hidden things. They may have influence with film, telepathy and other forms of communication. The change they bring may not last long. They like novel ideas, and they seek to change themselves through these new innovations.

Ernest Hemingway, J.R. Tolkien, F. Scott Fitzgerald, B.F. Skinner and Bob Hope all had the Gemini Pluto Sign.

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