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Sagittarius Midheaven Sign

Sagittarius Midheaven is intuitive and reflective. They like to plan everything. They have the gift to see into the future and find the best way to get where they want to go from the present. As children, they may be a bit gullible, being pulled into several different directions, but gradually they learn how to pick the ideas that are best for them. They feel strongly about sharing their knowledge with others, and will find the platform from which to achieve this. They may continue to study throughout their lifetime and work in interdisciplinary fields. They feel they must find their place in the big picture of life.

Sagittarius Midheaven loves a bit of adventure, especially activities that require some expertise. They are great multi-taskers, with the ability to keep several projects going at once. They like life to be challenging; boredom is their enemy. They are ambitious, though wealth and material things don't really mean much to them.

People with a Midheaven in Sagittarius are usually conservative and may be seen as stubborn by others. They can be more open-minded, however, when faced with strong evidence. They love a good argument, and can actually be quite flexible. Appearing stubborn is more to create their own comfort zone. They are rather philosophical. They have very definite opinions about spirituality and religion, even if they don't practice a formal religion themselves. They may find themselves in a leadership position that inspires others.

Individuals with a Midheaven in Sagittarius do best in jobs that give them independence, travel and mental challenges. They don't mind jobs being of service to others. They are willing to work hard, and they may use their growing influence to achieve their goals. It is not uncommon for a person with a Sagittarius Midheaven to have more than one career in a lifetime. Some careers that may appeal to them include politics, religious positions, acting, sales, writing, teaching, agenting, promotion, or fund raising. They like to work with the public in some manner.

They may experience difficulties with a supervisor at some time in their career, or be placed into a situation for which they are not prepared. One issue they often seem to face it the inability to live in the present, as they are so focused on the future. Reflection is good for them, so they can appreciate what they have accomplished and savor the moment. They may need to seek a long time to find exactly what they feel they must find.

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