Chinese Tiger and Rat Compatibility

Tiger with Rat Compatibility

The Chinese Tiger and Rat, while similar in many ways, may be a wee bit too similar. Both like to be in the spotlightÂ… so much that they may compete with each other to the point they forget they are supposed to be in a relationship. They both enjoy adventures and love the night life. They are both full of energy and love to travel.

Their own competitiveness may get in their way. Or, they may be the perfect companions on the same journey. This relationship can go either way. When both partners are secure, they can be independent, pursue their own dreams, and still have time for each other. If one or the other is insecure, problems arise.

In the bedroom, this pairing is excitingÂ… until their personality clashes get in the way. They may tire of each others' annoying habits and call it quits.

In business, they need to figure out their differences ahead of time and decide who the boss is. What generally works best is for Tiger to be the person on the front lines, being charming and noble; Rat needs to work behind the scenes, using their shrewd business sense to make things happen.

When the pairing is a Tiger man with a Rat woman , the relationship may be deliriously happy or a complete disaster. While there is a natural amount of incompatibility between these two, it is not insurmountable. She tends to be overly domestic and anxious, while he refuses to worry about mundane concerns and changes jobs whenever the mood strikes.

When this pairing is reversed, she couldn't care less about security, while he worries about it constantly.

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