Chinese Rat and Rat Compatibility

Chinese Rat with Rat Compatibility

When Chinese Rat and Rat pair up, it is usually a very happy, loyal union. They like to socialize and enjoy the nightlife. They know exactly how to spoil their partner and make them feel loved and appreciated. They both enjoy working hard to support the family, and they understand when work conflicts come up, though family is extremely important to them. They are generous with their friends and family and love games and excitement.

If they settle into a rut, Rats tend to get bored. This may cause arguments and even infidelity on occasion. Rats are afraid of loneliness, and will tend to stay together unless these issues become overwhelming. Neither is the perfect housekeeper, but who cares if they're having fun? They can become very competitive or jealous if one catches the other flirting with someone new.

They know how to economize and accumulate wealth. If they also enter a business together, they are sure to thrive. They are shrewd and intelligent.

As lovers, Rats are demonstrative, loyal and fun. They are adventurous and are always willing to try something new. They are very well matched. A high quality sex life is important to both partners. Neither one has any inhibitions or emotional issues. Sometimes the man in this relationship will not be virile at all times due to the Rat's nervous nature. The woman in this relationship should understand this and use tact.

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