Chinese Pig and Snake Compatibility

Pig with Snake Compatibility

Chinese Pig and Snake are not the best match. They naturally mistrust each other and they both irritate the other to no end. If they are to succeed in a relationship they need to really work at it. They will get along famously at first. They both have a sensuous side that is hard to resist. Both also have a problem with being possessive. They need to let go of this if they are to succeed. Secrets need to be given up so they can learn to trust each other.

In business, Snake will be the charmer and Pig will happily work behind the scenes. They will have a well furbished office. They will bend over backwards to treat their customers right.

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Snake woman, he will be overwhelmed by her personality. She prefers a busy social life and is not interested in being domestic. He won't ever let her know how unhappy he is. They do get along well in the bedroom, however, and their fleeting moments of bliss will be there.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Pig woman, they both are rather weak willed. It is hard for either one to make a decision. She is easily persuaded and he likes to procrastinate. He won't understand why she changes her moods so frequently. She will be prone to play the martyr. She will ultimately be hurt by his philandering.

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