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Gemini is the Sign of the Twins, and thus, they may always be of two minds. This dual nature creates a Gemini Sun Sign personality that is complex, contradictory and restless. They like to take up new activities, and then drop them just as quickly to pursue something new. The fun is in the novelty and the excitement of beginning something new. Finishing a project is not a high priority for Gemini Sun Sign. Those born under this Sign are the epitome of yin and yang, day and night, black and white.

Affectionate, kind and generous, the Gemini Sun Sign personality can be very thoughtful about others… as long as it doesn't interfere too much with what they want to do. They quickly learn to use their assets to their benefit, and may become unscrupulous and cunning in extreme situations. It is difficult for them to put others before themselves. They can act very childish at times, even throwing temper tantrums to get their way. Life struggles may prove too much for them, and they may become withdrawn, excessively worried or hardened. On the other hand, their versatility may help them to adapt so they ultimately gain control of the situation and are able to turn it around to suit themselves.

Many born with a Gemini Sun Sign are considered intuitive and may be downright brilliant. They love mental challenges, even though their concentration is short-lived. They love to soak up knowledge, but don't like the task of learning. They often fit the description of "jack of all trades, master of none." They like to analyze, but since they can see both sides of an issue, they have great difficulty making decisions. Some Gemini can use their natural intelligence to control this dual nature so it becomes very efficient and useful.

Gemini Twins

They may prove fickle in relationships, but it isn't intentional. Their natural inconsistency can sometimes drive them to make unwise choices. They like the excitement and intensity of the chase, and once the catch has been accomplished, they may cool off and look at the relationship more superficially. Gemini is witty and fun to be around. They make great conversation, but can also instigate quarrels and cause dissent. Their mood may change suddenly. They may do this in an effort to entertain themselves or create some excitement.

Those born with a Gemini Sun Sign can be very successful in life, though they may be unreliable in some circumstances. They have a gift with language, and can do well in writing, debating, or speaking. They make good diplomats, teachers, authors, journalists and lawyers. If they can get a job that requires travel, they can excel with the constant change of scenery. They make good scientists due to their natural skepticism, and may have an affinity for astronomy or medicine. They are also quick to pick the brains of others and stay on top of things on the job. They like to stay in communication with others, and are constantly networking. They do well in the military, since they don't take danger any more seriously than other areas of their life. They are artistic, and may do well as psychic researchers due to their skeptical nature.

Gemini is definitely fun to be around. Their charm is endearing and engaging. Just don't forget that they have two faces. Being prepared will help understand this complex person and make a long term relationship work.

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