Chinese Snake and Horse Compatibility

Snake with Horse Compatibility

Chinese Snake and Horse are not overly compatible. They may be physically attracted to each other, and Horse initially makes Snake feel desirable. Snake loves this because underneath they are insecure. Horse will quickly lose interest, however. Snake prefers long relationships, so this just adds to their insecurity and jealousy. This makes Horse feel trapped and they are soon on the run. In order to make this a lasting relationship, each sign needs to learn to accept the other for who they are. Horse needs some freedom. Snake needs one on one attention. If they both get what they want, they will be content. They may argue a lot. An interesting note is that both of these signs are basically insecure. Horse deals with it by constantly moving about; Snake deals with it by their charm and being possessive.

In business, these two are not a great partnership. Horse will lose interest fairly quickly. Snake can get things accomplished and is very intelligent, though they can be a bit lazy. In order to make a business work both signs need to focus and have goals set.

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Snake woman, it will normally begin as a whirlwind romance. It is brief and intense, and ends with the agreement of both parties. Despite his lack of jealousy normally, he can't help feeling jealous. Her sex appeal drives him crazy. He won't understand her moods or the aggression that appears when she doesn't get her way.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Horse woman, she will appreciate his natural charm and finesse, while he loves her enthusiasm and daring. They can have a great social life. She is not as genteel as he is, which will eventually grate at him. She would rather be casual and he would prefer her dolled up and elegant. They will have problems agreeing on almost everything.

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