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Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces is selfless. They want to serve others, trying to alleviate their physical problems as well as their spiritual ones. They can be self-sacrificing, impressionable, and inspirational. On the other hand, they may be co-dependent, gullible and passive. They are not natural leaders. They may have addiction issues if they are not strong enough to keep themselves away.

Pisces Neptune has gifts with mysticism and the occult. They are compassionate, well-liked and may be the recipient of aid from others, who give willingly to this needy little beam of sunshine.

Pisces Neptune loves the arts. They like to express themselves creatively in art, music or drama. They will spend vast amounts of time wrestling with the ultimate questions in life or in learning about paranormal phenomena. They may live in a greatly enhanced state of consciousness or feel that all in creation are part of the one. They let go of previous perceptions of reality for the new consciousness they feel rising about them.

Neptune in Pisces is raw emotion personified. It transcends everything else about them, and may lead them to amazing clarity or delusion. When they decide to fight, they expect to win or die a martyr, and so feel they have nothing to lose. This can be dangerous in some cases. They are willing to lose all in the name of their cause.

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