Chinese Rat and Rabbit Compatibility

Chinese Rat with Rat Compatibility

Chinese Rat and Rabbit make great friends; they are not so hot when they are in an intimate relationship. Rabbit is shy and retiring while Rat wants to be the center of attention and have adventures. Even though they can have quite a bit of passion between them. Rabbit tends to hold back a bit, causing Rat to wonder why. If both partners can overcome these differences, they may be able to make it work. Rabbit will tend to be the low man on the totem pole in this relationship. Rat will drag Rabbit everywhere and will often outwit Rabbit during arguments, causing resentment. It is easy to take advantage of Rabbit.

They may play mind games in the bedroom, which annoys both partners. Rat wants variety and invention, while Rabbit doesn't have much imagination in this department and may have inhibitions.

When the pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Rat woman, they may find that neither one wants to make concessions. While they may be very attracted to each other in the beginning, soon it turns to mutual irritation because they share so many similarities. Still, they may find being together is better than being alone.

In the opposite pairing, they have similar difficulties, though they will do well together on finances. This pairing will most likely be unhappy at least to some degree.

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