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The Gemini in your life will be easy to purchase gifts for... they love almost anything! Gemini loves to learn new things. They also love to stay in communication with their friends and loved ones. Accepting a gift means they get to spend some time with the giver. A visit is as good of a gift for Gemini as something wrapped up pretty.

When choosing a gift for Gemini, don't forget their personality. They want to be able to keep track of everything they learn. They like to be organized and know where to look when they want to get a hold of someone they haven't talked to in six months. Nice wrapping isn't that important to them. If you are buying a basket of goodies, wrap them all individually so they are all different. They love this. Their natural curiosity makes them want to know what is inside each one.

When choosing a Gemini gift, think about all the things they have expressed an interest in. Before you know it you'll have several different gift ideas to choose from. If you can't decide, gift certificates work especially well for Gemini so they can choose their own.

If you still can't think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Gemini will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Gemini.

Since Gemini is a great communicator, cell phones, extra minutes on their phone plan and gadgets to make it easier to communicate on their computers are excellent ideas. Extra hard drives, software, a web cam or a PDA will be greeted with enthusiasm. Gemini rules the mind, so anything that stimulates their intellect is most welcome. The videogames that feature brain teasers would most likely be enjoyed very much. Gemini loves to read. They love books. A subscription to one of their favorite magazines would be a welcome gift. For the Gemini who has everything, one of those electronic book readers would make a nice gadget to use when reading. If your Gemini travels a lot, one of those eBook readers can be wonderful as they can bring along several books and add hardly any weight to their luggage.

Speaking of traveling, Gemini loves to travel. Travel accessories are a great gift. Guide books, maps or maybe a new camera to capture their travels on would all please them greatly. A weekend getaway would also be a welcome gift for this adventurer. Foreign language lessons on tape or CD would benefit them, and they would add to their vast store of knowledge at the same time.

Writing tools like pens, pencils, pads of paper, a journal, stationery or a laptop computer would keep your Gemini busy recording their experiences and sharing them with others. Maybe they'll turn out to be a great writer some day and you will have been instrumental on getting them started.

Gemini is rather forgetful. Anything that helps them organize their day or their appointments would be of immense help. Day planners or apps for their cell phone that help them organize would be a great choice.

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