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Jupiter in Sagittarius attracts good luck as long as they are generous, tolerant and practice what they preach. They can be very inspirational. To do so, they just need to believe in themselves and their goals. Their natural enthusiasm should come through when they teach or learn new things, and they should be able to see the big picture. They are commonly interested in teaching, sports, publishing, education, travel and foreign cultures.

Their own opinions and perceptions are important to them, and they may take it as a personal affront if others disagree. They are good at making their own opportunities. When they tune into themselves, they can intuit what their next step should be. They are able to take these leaps of faith and succeed. They should be challenged to grow intellectually and physically. They love to compete. Sports are a good outlet for them.

Jupiter in Sagittarius finds that travel not only broadens the mind, it opens up doors of knowledge they may only have dreamed of. They are truly born under a lucky star, since this is Jupiter's natural home. It seems they can do no wrong… they always come out of it smelling like a rose.

Carefree and outgoing, Jupiter in Sagittarius enjoys making life better for others. They appreciate philosophy, religion and social issues. They have strong convictions. They spend freely, but they usually are prosperous so it equals out. They love to convert others to their beliefs. They are easygoing and good-natured. Success finds them wherever they are. They do not like routines.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can accept different points of view. Luck will follow them wherever they support their personal needs for growth and risk-taking. Travel and education also opens up opportunities for them. For the best luck, they need to remain open to others; both personally and with their beliefs. Becoming too dogmatic will turn their luck away. They have the potential to develop great wisdom.

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