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Taurus Jupiter Sign

Jupiter in Taurus attracts good luck when they follow their nature of being generous and patient. They are practical and discriminating, and they like to jump right in and do things. They don't like risks, but appreciate the efforts of hard work. They do better if they have direction and clear goals to strive for. The results are what matter to them.

Taurus Jupiter is well-grounded and they enjoy being in nature. It renews them. They are good with children and animals. They are talented artistically and can create beauty all around them. They love luxurious surroundings, and want the comfort of abundance and security. They use all their senses to enjoy life. They have a great sense of humor, and enjoy the fine things in life.

Taurus Jupiter is stable, and usually uses their money and resources to benefit others as well as themselves. They can be a bit stubborn, but they have the ability to see the big picture as well as to build the empire they envision. They don't like to be pushed.

Jupiter in Taurus knows how to grow financial security. They are good in business and know when to push their luck just enough to make more. The more secure they feel, the luckier they are. They must learn not to overindulge if they wish their luck to stick with them. In fact, when Jupiter in Taurus attracts wealth and success, they need to use it wisely and generously so they continue to attract more.

Jupiter in Taurus has a green thumb, for more than just money. Even if they have never lived in the country, there is something pastoral about them. Their practicality and earthiness just makes them seem very rural… maybe the landed gentry is a good image. They are homebodies who appreciate the putting down of roots, especially if they feel the soil is rich enough to support them well.

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