Chinese Rooster and Snake Compatibility

Rooster with Snake Compatibility

Chinese Rooster and Snake are a happy pair. They both love their family and enjoy maintaining a nice home. They also enjoy socializing together. Rooster will be loyal to Snake, which eases Snake's insecurities. They develop a strong foundation to their relationship, which allows them to be happy for the long term. They will not want for anything... they will be happy with each other and their children. Snake's possessiveness will have no reason to come into play.

In business, their company will be prosperous and organized. Rooster is practical and has a great attention to detail. Snake can charm customers out of the woodwork. They will not make risky decisions.

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Snake woman, she will be flattered by his passionate response to her. He is naturally jealous and possessive, which makes her feel attractive and appreciated. His natural flair for finances will keep them comfortable. She will appreciate his efforts and do what she can to please him.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Rooster woman, her shyness is a challenge to him. She loves his charm and gentility. His chivalry makes her feel like a princess. She is practical and frugal while he tends to want to spend. She tends to be jealous, and his fickleness may cause some strife.

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