Chinese Sheep and Ox Compatibility

Sheep with Ox Compatibility

Chinese Sheep and Ox really don't get along well at all. Ox thinks Sheep is flighty and eccentric, while Sheep thinks Ox is rigid. Sheep prefers being creative and is not that concerned about work. Ox is the exact opposite. While both prefer staying home, it isn't enough to bring them onto a good foundation for a relationship. In rare cases, this pairing can work, but both need to be extremely committed to the other partner. Sheep does appreciate that Ox is honest and dependable. Ox can learn to be more accepting from Sheep.

In business, they may be able to make it work if they can forge a truce. Sheep's creativity can help the business to thrive with Ox's hard work. This may prove too difficult, however.

When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and an Ox woman, it very rarely works out. He may be a bit too feminine, while she is a bit too masculine. He never knows what he wants, which drives her crazy. He spends money like water, which conflicts with her thrifty ways.

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Sheep woman, it is no better. While her femininity will appeal to his need to protect and she loves feeling secure, that is about all they have in common. She actually will end up standing up to him more than he imagined, and she will eventually get bored. She tends to be flighty and irresponsible which drives him mad. They don't do well in the bedroom, either. She is romantic and wants to be wooed, while he is not imaginative and prefers more sensual pleasures.

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