Uranus in Scorpio
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Uranus in Scorpio

Uranus in Scorpio is forceful and determined. They can overcome almost any obstacle that may be placed before them to achieve their goals. They are persistent, sharp, secretive and detail-oriented. They are original thinkers, and may be gifted mechanically. They really like science, both physical and occult.

Uranus in Scorpio may also be prone to accidents, which may ultimately prove fatal. This is the position of sex and death, two very intense experiences. They have a terrific ability to truly concentrate and focus. Their spirit is unbreakable and determined. They have incredible bursts of creative energy that will take them far. They often use unorthodox methods to get what they want.

Scorpio Uranus is usually conflicting with those who follow tradition. They are not afraid to be outspoken, and are known to be rather stubborn and rebellious. They can be courageous, secretive, blunt and aggressive with others. They are very inventive and have a far-reaching vision. They can accomplish much, either through the use of technology or the mind.

Relationships for those with Uranus in Scorpio may be volatile or uncontrollable. A simple friendship may suddenly become passionate, without either party knowing why. It may also go the other way; a passionate affair may suddenly cool. They have great depth of mind. No matter what is going on, they will find a way to express their views. They may make a good surgeon, psychologist or healer. They have the ability to delve deep and find the cause of disease and pain.

Scorpio Uranus may have to deal with envy, jealousy and possessiveness in their life. They may want to avoid personal growth, but this is a mistake. It may take work, but they'll come out better for it. They can be very compassionate. If they harbor resentment, it is best for all that they learn to understand the underlying meanings and make peace with it.

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