Chinese Rat and Sheep Compatibility

Rat with Sheep/Goat Compatibility

Chinese Rat and Sheep need to work at their relationship to make it a happy one. Their two personalities are very different. They both get along fine at home, but when they go out, they want to do completely different types of things. Rat likes nightclubs and dancing; Sheep prefers a quiet outing in Nature.

At home, Sheep is happy to make it comfortable and inviting for Rat. Rat's generosity to Sheep will help allay Sheep's natural worries about how the relationship is going. Rat may get bored of the quiet lifestyle Sheep prefers, and Sheep may get frustrated with Rat's constant energy and need for activity. They do make excellent friends, and this may be the best way for them to have a relationship rather than turning it into an intimate relationship.

In business, these two may make a go of it. Rat naturally assumes the job of dealing with people, while Sheep is creative behind the scenes. They are both sensually oriented, so intimacy is usually not an issue. Both are giving and happy to please the other.

When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and a Rat woman, he is very easy going and peaceable. She can organize their lives as she wishes, but this can ultimately cause resentment because he doesn't participate. He may be irresponsible with finances and prefers to find his inner self than work. She will be surprised by the new perspectives he can present, however.

When this pairing consists of a Rat man and a Sheep woman, her irresponsibility will weigh heavy on him. She likes to spend, he likes to save. She is attracted to his devotion to family. Her femininity is enough to send him into transports of rapture.

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