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Leo Midheaven has the tenacity and longevity to attain the lofty goals they aim for. They know that persistence pays off. They understand that whatever trials they go through in their journey will make them stronger. They are courageous and noble, but need to watch out for the possibility of becoming arrogant.

Individuals born with a Midheaven in Leo are very ambitious professionally and take pride in how they are perceived. They have the potential for leadership and executive ability. They may feel they are destined for greatness in some way.

They appear competent, even when they don't feel they are. They are known for their generosity, and through experience, have learned when it is appropriate to give. They are highly organized and have the ability to understand the big picture as well as all the fine details. When they feel insecure, however, they can be very stingy and tend not to share their information and leadership with those around them. It is very important that people born with a Midheaven in Leo learn to seek their self-worth from within rather than from those around them.

Leo Midheaven may take ribbing too seriously when they are at their expense. When they get too obsessive about progressing in a certain direction, they can be very stubborn. Sometimes, they'll take their ball and go home if they don't like the rules. This can be a plus in some situations, and detrimental in others.

The Leo Midheaven is dignified in any situation. They automatically know what will make others feel appreciated. They can take control in a crisis. They offer a stability that is hard for others to find. They often have a unique sense of timing. They need to be able to create the right mental space for change to occur.

Leo Midheaven may also take everything too personally. They can be easily insulted, because they are always looking for more meaning in every remark. The ego can get in the way if Leo is not careful. They should work on being persuasive instead of demanding. If they feel that they don't get the accolades they feel they deserve, no matter how much attention they get, they may feel overlooked. Leo has the tendency to attract more powerful people to them that may overshadow them. They must learn the lesson to accept their own strength, self-confidence and power in order to shine.

Possible career choices may be in government, sales, acting, management, teaching or business. People with a Leo Midheaven usually have personality plus, which puts the spotlight on them no matter what they choose to do. They enjoy being in public and building a wide swath of influence.

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