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Capricorn Jupiter Sign

Jupiter in Capricorn meets good fortune when they are ethical, mature and act with integrity. They are organized and disciplined, and their step by step approach generally brings them good results. They are practical and need to visualize the end results to achieve them.

Jupiter in Capricorn has a great optimism when they look at their life. They can be optimistic because they understand what works and what doesn't. They can create lasting impressions using principles that have stood the test of time. They have faith in hard work and being resourceful. They have a lot of endurance. They have high standards and a belief in tradition.

Capricorn Jupiter does well in architecture, planning, politics, finances, medicine and the environment. They like to benefit society through their actions. They are above reproach due to their strong ethics. Their conservative attitude helps pave the way for their success in many instances. To attain more good fortune, they need to achieve balance. By letting themselves get too involved with material gain and fear of failure, good fortune can run right out the door.

Jupiter in Capricorn has a strong drive for power, status, dignity and importance. By working hard and through determination, they often find themselves at the pinnacle of industrial, commercial or political success. They often gain in wealth as a side effect, though Capricorn Jupiter may find something tragic in being wealthy. They believe in being rewarded for their hard work, but wealth can corrupt the ethics. While they appear serious most of the time, they may have a dark sense of humor. They have the talent to make the best of a difficult situation.

Cautious and ambitious, Jupiter in Capricorn can make their personal philosophy match their ambition. They may tend to be miserly, so learning to be more generous can help them grow.

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