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Gemini Midheaven is adaptable. In fact, they think they can manage everything at once. It is not surprising to see them with two careers...simultaneously. They have a talent for keeping track of all the details in life. They are naturally logical, and can remain calm through many emotional crises. They are usually easy going, though if they have no feeling behind their words, their ideas may get lost in the shuffle.

Individuals with a Midheaven in Gemini have a strong sense of intuition that helps them be creative. They automatically know when something will work. They have a good understanding that everything is always changing. Because of this understanding, they are very good at managing their resources. They also have a good sense of pacing.

Gemini Midheaven may tend to prefer careers that use words or that deal with mental or dexterous details. Political speech writing or city planning may be attractive, as are journalism, teaching, the Arts, performance, writing and fashion design. Sales, public relations, business, advertising and other such careers may also be a good fit. Careers must be fast moving and have a wide variety of activities or they may get bored. Other public pursuits like outdoor game playing or writing to the editor of the local newspaper may be appealing.

Gemini Midheaven respects diversity in all its forms. Likewise, they always know when their time is done and it is time to move on to something new. Meditation helps them to remain grounded and clear minded. They need space to think. They need time to generate their ideas, though they may not be as talented at implementing their ideas as they are at generating them. If they get too involved in a single idea, they may develop tunnel vision. They may also have difficulty in some jobs because their creativity tends to come in spurts. It is not always available on demand.

Those with a Midheaven in Gemini may potentially have difficulty communicating with authority figures or expressing themselves in public. If they can overcome this, they can play an important role in taking the many details of a situation and weaving them together for others so they make sense. Resistance usually isn't a problem unless they cannot overcome it.

Gemini Midheaven has something to tell the world. Their dual characteristics of practicality and love of learning may lead them in different directions, but at the same time, they are always improving themselves and adding to their knowledge. Sooner or later, they will find their niche and be satisfied. They have an endless sense of curiosity that leads them to new discoveries all the time. There may be no rational relationship between topics to other people, but to Gemini Midheaven, they can piece it all together and apply it to their world. They know the true meaning of the phrase, "Knowledge is power."

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