Uranus in Pisces
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Uranus in Pisces

Uranus in Pisces is fascinated with the occult, and they have talents along these lines to develop. They meet others with similar interests. This can help guide them through life, or create obsession. They may be flighty, unpredictable and erratic. They may attract misfortune or scandal. It can be difficult for them to be rid of the feeling that disaster is waiting for them, even when all is going well.

Pisces Uranus has a great imagination. They may attract unusual phenomena, which can be unsettling. They have the talent to sense what will happen before it occurs. It is difficult for them to remain positive… they tend towards negativity. They have healing skills, and may be able to come up with unique treatments for illnesses that seem to be incurable. If they focus on learning healing skills, they can become more positive. If they are willing to learn and work on their outlook, even reversals of fortune can work out in the end.

Pisces Uranus likes fantasy and mysticism. They can be responsible for changes in religion, beliefs or morals. They have an inner wisdom if they allow it to be heard. They can let go of bad habits without too much trouble. They like to help and serve others, with little thought to personal gain. They are very sensitive to those around them and their surroundings. They are a bit delicate, and must take care of themselves. They may have insights into religion, psychology, drama, music and the occult.

Some with Uranus in Pisces tend to want to escape from reality, and may try to do so with the use of drugs or alcohol to alter their reality. In order to beat this, they must be willing to work on more positive influences in their life and focus on service to others rather than fantasy.

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