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Pluto in Leo

1937-1958 (Baby Boomers)

Pluto in Leo seems to always find themselves in situations which challenge them to take positive action. This helps them grow. They want to take over the

leadership and help others know how pure their motives are. They think they know what is best for everyone concerned. They also want to be appreciated for their efforts.

It may help Leo Pluto if they could detach themselves a little from their goals to get some perspective. They often miss the big picture. They are obsessed with expressing themselves. They are not afraid to defy authority on any level. They splurge on the things they want, not the things they need. They want to be a part of a community, but they also want to be free to be whatever they want. They know how to play. They often suffer from egotism.

Pluto in Leo is optimistic and enthusiastic. They may enjoy gambling because the risk is fun and exciting. They like romance, entertainment and pleasure of all sorts. They have a need to be seen, to be remembered and to be noticed. They are flamboyant and colorful. They can be self-indulgent in their quest for fame and glory. They may reach their greatest pinnacles of self-discovery when in the midst of creative expression.

Bill Gates, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Bill Clinton and Elton John all have the Leo Pluto Sign.

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