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Pluto in Cancer


Pluto in Cancer finds their power through emotional intensity and deep relationships. They are very possessive towards those they love. They may even try to control their emotions.

They feel everything very intensely. It is difficult for them to let go of possessions and people. When it is inevitable, they try to control how it ends.

Cancer Pluto hangs doggedly onto childhood beliefs, even though experience tells them otherwise. It may help them to learn a little detachment now and then. They feel a deep need to have their own home. They are the ones who campaign on family values. They are sensitive and sympathetic. They are very protective.

Cancer Pluto can be healing, nurturing and caring. They can also be responsible for escalating dangers by trying to always be one step ahead of their competition. It is their overprotective nature that keeps them striving to protect those they love. Family helps them feel needed and wanted.

Individuals born when Pluto was in Cancer are destined to go through many changes that may affect their sense of security. They may develop compulsive emotional needs due to not getting their needs met during childhood.

Sylvia Brown, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong, Shirley Temple and John F. Kennedy all had/have the Cancer Pluto Sign.

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