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Neptune in Scorpio

Neptune in Scorpio is unafraid of the darker aspects of life. They may be interested in the esoteric, the mystical or the occult sciences. They see physical desires and sexuality as a spiritual experience that is acceptable. They may find interest in eastern philosophies, practices or hallucinogens.

Scorpio Neptune's passionate nature shows in everything they do, both internally and externally. They may become intrigued with religion or cults that share their beliefs. Paranormal phenomena are very interesting to them. They need to learn to discriminate in their beliefs, and not choose just to believe in something just because it may be profound or mystical. They may be selfish and self-sacrificing, which creates inner conflict for them. Dealing with deeper issues may help them overcome this.

Scorpio Neptune prefers to delve into the deep dark secrets of nature and the inner workings of the soul. They can see beyond reason into inspiration and perception. They can sometimes have a bad temper. If they are not careful, they can lose themselves in drugs or drink.

Neptune in Scorpio is aware of mankind's potential for transformation away from their current materialism. Neptune in

Scorpio can bring a lot of energy through sex, and they learn that they can also bring this ecstasy into the spiritual realm through discipline or blocking normal urges. They learn that altered states, no matter how they are accomplished, have the potential to lead one into the cosmic consciousness. This is a dangerous path, however, and that is part of the challenge.

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