Chinese Rat and Snake Compatibility

Chinese Rat with Snake Compatibility

Chinese Rat and Snake are not the best pairing in the zodiac. They are hot and heavy at first, but before long the heat is gone and they are left with coldness. They tend to fight a lot. Both are very intelligent, which makes the fights more hard hitting. Snake is a bit of a philosopher, which drives Rat mad with impatience. Snake becomes frustrated with Rat in turn.

Snake can be jealous in a relationship, and it is the riskiness of the pairing that attracts each to the other. If they can overcome their differences, this can make for a very interesting relationship.

In business, they are an incredible team. Snake appreciates Rat's cleverness. Snake will easily keep secrets from Rat. While Rat loves secrets, they like to be in on them, not be one who they are kept from.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Rat woman, he will not hesitate to exclude her from portions of his life, including affairs. He will leave her to care for the home and family while he delves into philosophy.

When the pairing is a Snake woman and a Rat man, they both work diligently to make themselves comfortable financially. Being poor causes strife between them. If they can find a mutual interest to pursue, they will be much happier than if they can't.

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