Chinese Tiger and Tiger Compatibility

Tiger and Tiger Compatibility

Chinese Tiger and Tiger have a passionate relationship. They are beautiful and intelligent. They both love adventure and fun. They are very affectionate with each other, especially in the beginning. If they feel controlled, they may stray. If there is excitement in the relationship, they may end up remaining together in a doomed relationship longer than they should. Even fighting stimulates them, though it is very exhausting.

Tigers both want to be the dominant partner. If they can overcome this urge, they can be very happy together. A relationship between two Tigers will usually progress quickly. They are both highly emotional and may have a very volatile union. Their magnetic personalities tend to attract others that may be a temptation.

Tigers like their freedom. While another Tiger understands this need, they may not be able to fulfill it. In business, they need to work hard to keep things running smoothly. They may be competitive with each other, as each is blessed with many talents.

While Tigers are not particularly faithful when it comes to the bedroom, they are loyal in love. They may live together happily for many years, while each has the occasional dalliance on the side from time to time.

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