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Neptune in Taurus

Neptune in Taurus dreams of their possessions. They are material-oriented. Once they get going, it is difficult to get them to stop. They may get fixated on a matter such as romance and not be able to let it go. They are practical, even when they dream.

They have the ability to overcome challenges in their path, and may find themselves achieving more than they thought they would. They are kind and make terrific companions. They appreciate beautiful things and enjoy art and music. They may overindulge their sensuous nature, however and suffer consequences because of their greediness.

Taurus Neptune has the gift of incorporating their ideals into everyday life. They like to work on practical projects like the environment, places for others to enjoy like parks, and construction. Anything they design is aesthetically beautiful. They have a hard time understanding how anyone can build anything unattractive. They spend their time in artistic ways rather than delving into metaphysical matters.

Neptune in Taurus may be inspired or confused when it comes to financial matters. They can even put a practical spin on spirituality, making it fit their everyday existence. Taurus Neptune can make their home anywhere. It is easy for them to put down roots and stay. They are part of the real world of nature. They are able to bring in Nature's grace and poetry into the mundane world in a way that everyone accepts and appreciates it, even if they are out to control Nature rather than be a part of it. They can easily separate the abstractions from the true world. They have a gift for making their words and works grow.

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