Chinese Monkey and Monkey Compatibility

Monkey with Monkey Compatibility

Chinese Monkey and Monkey are passionate. They are charming. They have a great time together. They both love to go out. The problem arises when they begin competing for the spotlight. They also share a great intellect. They can discuss topics forever and swap witty remarks with the best. They love to explore new things and learn new skills. Monkeys do tend to look out for their own fun rather than their partner's. They will have just as much fun on their own as with their partner. Unfortunately, this may tempt one to be unfaithful. If they both can focus on the relationship and make their priorities, they will have a good time together.

In business, they may grapple over who is in charge. While they both like to have fun, they both like to be in charge, too. They make a terrific team, but they may need to have a third partner to take care of the boring, mundane chores.

Two Monkeys together will not demand any loyalty from the other officially. They like their freedom. They will also not get bored... both of them love to learn new things all the time. Neither one is very domestic, though both partners will be willing to participate. Each will support the other in their career or anything else they wish to pursue. Finances may be a problem since neither partner has the inclination to learn about them. They are terrific companions for each other.

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