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The Virgo Sun Sign personality seeks perfection in themselves and everything around them. They can be a bit demanding, but this is because they see all the details like they were looking through a microscope. This gives them an excellent eye for detail, but they may miss the forest for the trees. They are practical, down to earth and good with their hands. They are fastidious and love cleanliness. They tend to be conservative in all areas of their life. On the surface they may appear cold emotionally, but this is usually from their habit of suppressing their natural feelings in the name of control. They are charming and dignified. Intellectually they are inquisitive, logical and methodical. They are excellent at analyzing a problem, no matter how complicated it may be. They are usually modest and self-restrained and more than willing to serve. They have a gift for creating order out of chaos and give of themselves selflessly when others are in need.

Virgo Sun Signs are selective when choosing friends and partners. Because of this, they may be perceived as distant or aloof. An intellectual at heart, it may seem that they aren’t connecting with their feelings; however, they do figure out their feelings by using their heads. People born under this Sign tend to put their relationships in concentric circles, with their intimate and family relationships on the innermost circle, and then close friends, then acquaintances. Those in the outer circles are not subjected to the criticisms that the inner circle are. If you are involved with a Virgo, be prepared for your faults to be brought up eventually. While they may be critical of you, they are even more critical of themselves. They may have difficulty trusting others and may lack confidence in themselves.

Virgo Woman

Virgo Sun Sign’s creativity tends toward the intellectual or finely detailed. They make excellent architects, engineers, writers, designers or other craftsmen. As artists, they seem to enjoy working in miniature. They are good at math, editing, and they also make great secretaries. They are generally good with money. They watch their pennies carefully and seldom spend without reason.

It can be difficult for a Virgo Sun Sign to delegate, though they are excellent in business in other respects. In fact, they can tackle jobs that overwhelm others and be successful.

They are productive and prefer to stay busy. Their problem solving abilities are amazing, and indeed, this stimulates their intellectual needs.

Virgo Sun Sign can be overly health conscious. Many will choose a career in medicine or health fields to stay abreast of the latest information. They like to compartmentalize everything in their life, so balancing the mind and body is an important part of their life's journey. As students, for example, they will often concentrate so much on their studies that they neglect to eat. They can also be a bit of a hypochondriac if they focus too much on themselves. They tend to be nervous and worry a lot and may be seen as compulsive. They need to take time to relax and let go.

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