Pluto in Pisces -
Pisces Pluto Sign

Pluto in Pisces

1797-1823, 2044-2068

Persons born with Pluto in Pisces try to take into account how their actions will affect others emotionally. Because they spend so much time fantasizing about how they may affect others, they have a difficult time acting directly as they wish.

They will attempt to understand human emotion so they can strive for their goals despite their feelings about others coming first. They may become secretive and manipulative as they learn how to tap into the feelings of others at a subconscious level. They may live too much in fantasy or get involved with drugs or other addictive substances.

Pisces Pluto is impressionable, yet can be inspiring as well. They are interested in spirituality and religion. They can sympathize with others to the degree of becoming empathic. They may have psychic abilities. They can easily feel alienated.

Abraham Lincoln, Galileo Galilee, Charles Darwin and Florence Nightingale all had the Pisces Pluto Sign.

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