The Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus Glyph

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac circle. It’s represented by the bull which signifies material power and wealth. It's the producer and builder of the Zodiac.

Attributes of the Taurus Sign

Planetary ruler: Venus Affiliated with: House 2
Duality: Passive Color: Earth Tones
Modality: Fixed Anatomy: Neck and Throat
Element: Earth Keywords: I have

Interpreting the Taurus Sign

Taurus is a passive Sign and turns inward for resources. As the natural ruler of the "House of Material Possessions", it gives particular attention to wealth, money, possessions, and life’s pleasures and luxuries.

This Zodiac Sign is driven by the energy of Venus which shows us, through our freedom of choice and responsibility, the true worth of what we attract and possess. This Sign is always sensible and practical in decisions; dedicated and willing to work hard for the things that give pleasure. Luxury and good tasting food are considered a matter of necessity.

Taurus is also affectionate, trustworthy, and loving when it comes to the issue of relationship and friendship. Their passive side makes them slow to anger, romantic, tender, conservative, traditional, and sensual.

Every Zodiac Sign has positive and negative energies. The following words describe the darker side of Taurus: Stubborn, jealous, argumentative, loss of control, sudden angry outbursts and anger turning to violence.

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