Chinese Ox and Pig Compatibility

Ox with Pig Compatibility

Chinese Ox and Pig make a passionate couple. Pig appreciates Ox's ability to create a peaceful home for them both and Ox's dependability. Ox enjoys Pig's sensuality. They both love to spend time cuddling together whenever possible.

Issues may arise when Pig is enjoying luxuries paid for by Ox's hard work. Pig also likes to socialize more than Ox and likes to entertain. Ox is shy and isn't too happy about this arrangement, but will oblige those who show up at their home. Both partners work hard to attain their stability.

In business, they are very successful. Pig works hard to create a vision of success and Ox works hard to attain it. Pig tends to see only the good qualities in others, and with Ox's trustworthiness and dependability, they suit each other well. Pig is easily taken advantage of. Ox can protect Pig from this happening.

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and an Ox woman, she will rule the house. She will never feel taken for granted and he will shower her with affection. He does tend to idealize her and may lose sight of reality. It is hard to be put on a pedestal. She is levelheaded while he is passionate and fun. Both are very honest and love to do for each other.

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Pig woman, he will attempt to always be in charge, but her natural charm allows her to get her way without him ever realizing it. Her tact and consideration soon puts him at his ease and they both are very devoted to one another. They will likely have a large family. Boredom may become a problem unless he can avoid getting into a rut.

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