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The Cancer Sun Sign personality can cover a wide range of characteristics, from withdrawn to famous. At the basic level, they are conservative and family-oriented. They like to build their nest and keep it secure. They like children and often have a large family. Their home is often kept for their family's comfort and security, rather than as a showplace.

Cancer Sun Sign likes privacy, though they can be sociable when it is appropriate. They can put up a good facade of appearing unemotional, obstinate or shrewd, but those who know them best see someone completely different. Underneath they are kind, sympathetic and sensitive. They can be very imaginative, which can be good or bad, depending on the situation. They may try to make real life fit a romantic ideal. They like art and literature, and they especially appreciate drama.

While they are seen as being very down to earth, many are actually fascinated by the occult or psychic phenomena. Some have some psychic talents of their own. They may be generous to a fault at times; it won't usually happen unless they know there are no other alternatives. They are frugal with their resources, but if the need arises, will give willingly.

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In relationships, they can be very sentimental and emotional. Romance is important. They are loyal partners, though sometimes the sensuality of an affair may tempt them. This sign loves without reservation, asking for little in return. They are nurturing and caring, though they can be a little smothering at times. Their loved ones hold a lot of sway and can influence them easily. They can also be easily hurt. While they appear tough on the outside, the inner Cancer personality is often tender and easily bruised. They make a loyal friend, though they may tend to exclude those who are not in the "inner circle." They also have an exceptional memory, and this may get in their way sometimes as they may have difficulty leaving the past behind.

When stressed, Cancer Sun Sign needs time alone. They don't like to talk about their problems. Give them the time and space to deal with their issues and soon they will come back to their normal position in the family. Cancer Sun Sign is also very creative. If they spend most of their time at home, they can amaze their family with their domestic creativity. In the workplace, they excel as a writer, public affairs, nursing, or in the kitchen. As a politician, they will have no problem changing parties if needed to achieve their goal. Real estate, gardening and antiquing may be appealing to them. They are good with money, and will know how to sock some away for a rainy day.

Cancer Sun Sign can be untidy, moody or full of self-pity. They are also easily flattered. Ambitious, they can gain favor by following the prevailing opinion, whether they personally like it or not. They can be strong supporters of causes that they identify with.

As Cancer is a water sign, those born under it have an affinity for water. Water is healing and restorative to their nerves. Frequent visits to a source of water will keep them happy and emotionally healthy.

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