Chinese Rooster and Rat Compatibility

Rooster with Rat Compatibility

Chinese Rooster and Rat are hot and heavy in the beginning with that attraction that happens with opposites. Once it begins to cool off, the trouble begins. They have vastly different approaches to handling life. Rooster is honest, straightforward and traditional. Rat is creative, shrewd and a bit manipulative. Rooster often feels Rat isn't living up to their potential, and they are not shy about letting Rat know about it. This upsets Rat, who gets even by making Rooster jealous. This escalates until either the relationship ends or they both learn to overcome their differences.

Rooster needs to be admired and flattered to feel good. Rat is happy to live up to this as long as Rooster doesn't nag. In the bedroom this pair has a great time.

In business, they can make a good pair as long as Rooster trusts Rat. Rat is excellent at running most of the business themselves, while Rooster helps manage the office.

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Rat woman, they need a miracle to make a long-lasting relationship. Both partners are jealous, possessive and impatient. They will fight over finances, trust issues and anything else that arises. She will get jealous, as she is afraid to get left out. He will be jealous because he feels insecure about his place.

When this pairing consists of a Rat man and a Rooster woman, there is a better chance of success. As long as both partners are committed to work on their relationship, it can be happy. He loves her dedication and enthusiasm, while she loves his thoughtfulness and moderation in all things. When hard times come, these two work together very well. During prosperous times is when trouble may occur. Finances will be at the center of many of their issues.

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